Accidentally leaked or a Marketing move?!

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As you may have already read, heard, watched and even eat! 🙂 There is a supposedly prototype of the “Next iPhone” that was caught in the real world.

The phone is now in the possession of Gizmodo which is an envy of all technology bloggers anywhere. No need to elaborate on the specs, since Gizmodo has a very “detailed” article to point of dissecting the phone itself.

Do you think that this was just plain accident where a prototype unit found its way to the lonely bar in Redwood City?

For me, it has Apple’s name written all over it. 🙂

First, considering the level of secrecy they (Apple) have over their products, it’s very hard for someone (and uncharacteristic of Apple) to leak key information about their upcoming products, let alone hold carry and use a “functioning” prototype model in the real world.

Second, why did the Apple “remotely killed the phone” when connected to a computer (possible) try and synch it with an Apple computer?

Third, if it is not a marketing move, why is the world talking about it? Apple is usually quick to kill any fires that’s created by any leaked information up to the point of taking legal action. Think Secret issue via Wiki.

If those 3 cannot convince you, then this article from Gizmodo will: “How Apple “Unofficially” Leaks Information

image source from Gizmodo

Last modified: April 19, 2010

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Accidentally leaked or a Marketing move?!

  1. Accident, prank or real? It does not matter! The ZunePhones are coming soon and will make iPhomes obsolete!

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