Apple Ipad is out!

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Checkout what other people is saying about the “just released” iPad. Of course we all know what the new iPad is and things that it can’t and can do.

Anyhow checkout these funny videos from David Letterman and Stephen Colbert, and what they have to say about the new device.

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Stephen Gets a Free iPad
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The David Letterman Show

News and Reviews of the device are all over the net, magazine and newspapers. For online reviews, you can go to,, and I sure hope this will be available here soon, my hands are itching to hold these beauty! 🙂

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Last modified: April 2, 2010

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Apple Ipad is out!

  1. hahaha :)) what a funny video..dilaan daw ba ung iPad?..haha ;)) well, ewan ko pero di ko gusto un iPad…parang ang panget ng dating…hehe ;))

  2. Teknisyan says:

    Must be the name "iPad" hehe…

  3. hmn..well, siguro nga..hehe =)) musta na?

  4. Teknisyan says:

    Doing great.. kindda busy right now but OK. Thanks for asking.

  5. oh, i see…well same here…i'm also quite busy at work…too many workload…we always have work even in holidays 🙁 wasn't able to enjoy the LONG weekend even the holy weeks…can't even feel it actually 🙁 huhuhu T_T

    anyways, just do take care always 😀 by the way, d'u have twitter acct?…add me up… thanks ^_^ have a great day 😀

  6. With the iPhone or iPod Touch, I can understand the lack of a built in stand as the device is small and most are not using it for extended periods of time. But the whole point of the iPad is to use it for interactive applications like video, share it with others.

  7. Teknisyan says:

    @refurbished computers – Yes you are correct. I think there was mock up image on the net that has a stand and a USB key board. Not sure if this is truth or just a mock up.

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