Death of Mouse and possible even the Keyboard?!

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I was reading this post from Gartner, saying “that by 2015 more than 50% of PC sold for user under the age of 15 will have touchscreen” then add the fact that the Apple Ipad is a hit amongst users. Does this really spells the death of the good’ol mouse?

via Gartner:

“What we’re going to see is the younger generation beginning to use touchscreen computers ahead of enterprises,” said Leslie Fiering, research vice president at Gartner. “By 2015, we expect more than 50 percent of PCs purchased for users under the age of 15 will have touchscreens, up from fewer than 2 percent in 2009. On the other hand, we are predicting that fewer than 10 percent of PCs sold to enterprises in 2015 for mainstream knowledge workers will have touchscreens.”

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Here are some facts about touchscreens and tablets and things that we already know:

  • Manufacturers like Dell, HP and even phone manufacturer are following the move of Apple in releasing their own table/slate.
  • The Ipad’s price tag are currently $499 (the cheapest) for 16GB and the 64 GB is about $699 both with WiFi.
  • We can then expect that that Dell, HP and others’ tablet will also fall under the same price range if not slightly higher.
  • Expect a price (more) cut once the demand and competition of IPAD and other tablet picks and heats up.
  • The manufacturing cost of the touchscreen will go down, significantly!!!

With all that in mind, Do you think that all this will be the end of the mouse and even the keyboard?

  • Using your fingers, this will still not a good way to use graphics software like CorelDraw, AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator. Since the mouse pointer is accurate up to the last pixel (other prefer wacom tablets and pens)
  • Until game publisher can create a compelling way to control your character in Resident Evil, I don’t think keyboard and mouse will be going anywhere. Just imagine playing Street Fighter IV on a tablet!!!
  • Majority of OS (Windows and Linux) today are still develop for mouse and keyboard inputs.

How about you? Do you think the advent of touchscreen pc will kill the beloved mouse and keyboard?

Last modified: April 13, 2010

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