RedFox Wizbook Razor XR116

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Launched last January 10, the RedFox Wizbook Razor XR116 is one of their CULV or what we call Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage. Also included in the lineup are RedFox Wizbook Razor XR113, WR103, WR113. While all 3 models (XR113, WR103 and WR113) have their own ODD (Optical Disc Drive), the XR 116 made up for being 3G ready. You can also choose from the External Black and Internal Red color.

You can check the specs and picture after the jump.

It’s a good thing they made this model to a 3G ready, since you use it while on the road and it would have been nice if you they include an ODD, just like what they included in the Razor XR133 (Ultra Thin 9.5mm DVD Super Multi Double Layer).

You can read the RedFox Launches Lineup for 2010 here.

Last modified: April 20, 2010

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RedFox Wizbook Razor XR116

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