What browser are you using?

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Browser that I’m currently using are Internet Explorer 8.0 (Do I have any choice?), Firefox 3.6.3 (my default browser), Lunascape 6.1.1, Google Chrome, Safari 4.0.5.

Though all promises the support for the W3C Web Standard, so there shouldn’t be any problem when you access web site using different browsers, right?. But sometimes a web developer create a site that is browser specific, more or less they always prefer IE base web site. Which more often than not cause some problem in the formatting of the web sites when accessed using another browser.

An example of this is when you access “My Tech BLog” using Chrome, you will notice the way they interpret the READ MORE feature that is integrated on my template.

Not to go into the technical aspect of a web browser, each browser does have their own feature that separate it from the other browser. One major example of this is the support for the HTML5, which Safari and Chrome fully supports, wherein IE 7 /8 full support the “Embedded OpenType font format for use in @font-face (EOT)”

Anyhow, if you just using IE (which I bet you are using right now) as your browser and don’t know which browser to use as an alternative, then you may want to watch the “What is a browser?” video by Google.

But if you are already using a multiple browser like me, and want to know the different between browsers, then you can visit the “When can I use…” site for browser comparison.

Last modified: April 22, 2010

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What browser are you using?

  1. IE is by far the best of the lot!
    Do not even bother to test the others!


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