What URL Shorteners are you using?

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URL shorteners came to life when twitter introduced the 140 characters post for microblogging specifically Twitter. Initially twitter automatically translated long URL to the TinyURL format, makes sense since TinyURL is the first URL shortening service which later copied by other web sites like is.gd, Bit.ly, tr.im, tweak.tk, wp.me and hundreds more.

But now that Twitter announced that it will created its own and dedicated URL shortener service. Will you be using this service or still use your preferred URL shorteners, like is.gd, Bit.ly, TinyURL, tr.im, tweak.tk and wp.me from word press?

As for me, I will still be using TinyURL, as my URL shortener. But if twitter did block other URL shortener, then there’s nothing we can do and yes, this will surely spell trouble for the hundreds of URL Shortener sites but this is not the end for them. Since twitter is not the only micro blogging service around, though they do have the most users and most used service.

But they (URL shorteners) can still thrive with other ecosystem. Like Yammer, Google buzz, Sideblog, Plurk, Yahoo’s Meme and more. So they just have to look for ways to on how their service can be used on other services and beyond twitter.
Btw, I just noticed the twitter blog is powered by Blogger.com.


Last modified: April 17, 2010

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What URL Shorteners are you using?

  1. whoa! dame mo pala alam na url shortener ha?..ako bit.ly lang…un lang kasi gamit ko…LOLz 😉

    musta friend 🙂 now lang ulit ako nakapagvisit..mejo busy..busy-busyhan..heheh ^_^ anyways, happy weekend and yngats lage

  2. jenskie says:


    tnx for the info. im using bit.ly pero un lng alam ko hehe…

    have a nice day!

  3. Teknisyan says:

    @ur_gurLNxtdOor and jenskie
    I did a research on the other url shorteners, but the ones that I know are the tinyurl, bit.ly and tr.im.

    I all good.. thanks for asking! 😉

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