3D Camera from GMA News Team

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Just saw this article from Techie about “5 tech triumphs of the 2010 Philippine Presidential Inauguration” which was a good test of skills and technology for our broadcasters here in Philippines. Anyhow, what struck me about the article is the part of GMA reporting about their 3D camera, which will allow us to view the captured video in 3D.

The camera used looks the Panasonic AG-3DA1 (above) that utilize a twin lens system. Anyhow, watching the video in the article the posters said that GMA did not clarify if an average CRT TV or LCD TV will be able to experience the 3D effect of the captured video. Checking the work flow of the camera or even the 3D System from Panasonic via the the Panasonic web site, the end user or viewers needs to have at least an HD TV in order to view or experience the 3D effect of the camera. I wonder how much did paid for the whole Professional 3D Production Systems from Panasonic.

Here’s the GMA video below.

Source: Techie and image from panasonic.com

Last modified: June 30, 2010

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3D Camera from GMA News Team

  1. Mr.A says:

    the camera cost around u$21,000 according to engadget. They are only recording a 3d version of the event for archive purpose for now.

  2. Teknisyan says:

    wow.. 1M just for a camera… no wonder they did all the press release about their new toy. I bet they paid more than that to get the whole 3D system from Panasonic.

    Thanks Mr. A. 🙂

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