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Blogger in Draft is like the beta section of Previously the Blogger Template Designer is only available when you’re in draft mode by logging in to using the address, now the Blogger Template Designer just graduated from the draft mode and is now available to all blogger user.

To access the Blogger Template Designer, just click on the DESIGN link from your Dashboard then click on the Template Designer.

The Template Designer has 4 options, the Templates, Background, Layout and Advanced mode. On the Template section, you can select any of the 22 ready to use templates. The Background, of course you can select the different color themes for your template, you can change the background image and you can even customize your color themes.

When you go to Layout, you can select the different layout that you want, be it 2 or 3 columns or include footer as well as manually adjust the sizes of each section of your blog like the left and right side bar, then the entire blog. If you want a more personalize template then go to the Advanced mode, where you change each section of your blog like, font, title, tab text, page text background etc.

For sneakpeek on how the Blogger Template Designer looks like, you can checkout the screen shot that I took.

For a live demo, I changed the template of my “Things I got from the Net!!” blog. I selected the Simple Template and selected a 3 Column layout with both sidebars adjusted to 200 and the blot itself to 920. I did not change any other settings to see what the default settings is like. Of course some of the embedded videos and pictures needs to be adjusted. 🙂

In a nutshell, you can watch “Introducing the Blogger Template Designer” video.

Just a reminder you may want to backup you template before selecting a new template from the Blogger Template Designer, since it will erase all of your blog customizations.

Last modified: June 11, 2010

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Blogger Template Designer no longer in Draft

  1. Remrow says:

    I also just noticed this. It is a great new tool. But could not find the same template as in my blog to tweak to. So i didn't changed it. But i did looked up whats available.

  2. Teknisyan says:

    You cannot use the Template designer to customize the templates that you uploaded from another web site. You can only use the custom option for the default templates that are provided by

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