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This post was created entirely using a cellphone, connected to a wifi
connection at via the email feature of This post may look
trivial but this will allow me to know my options when posting while
away from my computer. So far this feature looks promising. You might
see similar, probably 1 or 2 post or whenever I’m away from my
computer. This is a sample of an inserted picture via using the built-in Dolphin browser from Samsung.

This part of the post is already written on a PC. 🙂

It’s a little difficulty to post using a cell phone or any small internet device for that matter. My post above is uneditted and I have not place any special tag on the links and images, that is why when you click on the links, it will not open any new window. 🙂

I guess, this is also a call for a mobile version of since wordpress already has a mobile feature that is if I’m not mistaken, so that moGen (mobile generation) 🙂 can use their internet device such as cellphone, smartphone, ipod and iPad to posts their blog whenever and wherever. 🙂

Last modified: June 8, 2010

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