Internet Explorer 9 vs. Chrome 6: The HTML 5 Test!

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We all know that Steve Jobs and company a.k.a. Apple is one of the major supporter of HTML5 and he is using all his power to make this the web standard. Other companies also behind the behind HTML, if you read my previous post “HTML 5: The death of Flash?” you will know that the author of HTML5 is Ian Hickson from a company called Google, Inc. Only time will tell if HTML5 will deliver all its promises.

Now here’s a video that shows the two upcoming browsers from two competing company. The Google Chrome 6 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 show’s their ability to handle or render HTML5 videos.

From the video itself it shows who the clear winner is, though it remains to be seen once both browser are tested in the wild.

Thanks to Rob for the sharing the video!! o_O

Source: DownloadSquad Youtube channel

Last modified: June 25, 2010

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