Is the iPhone 4G a glimpse of the next iPad (2G)?

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Now that the new iPhone 4G has been officially announced, it’s won’t be a surprise of most people will think that this will be the future of iPad, the beloved tablet from Apple. Since the iPad 1st Gen looks exactly like an over sized iPod, gadget lovers, blogger and tech enthusiast can help but think that “what if Apple create an over sized iPhone 4G?”.

To think about it’s not a bad idea, just image doing the Facetime with a larger screen, watching a video on a larger screen and all the features of iPhone 4G on a much larger screen (with 326 ppi) and powerful processor, add the improvements on the iOS. This will surely leave Apple’s competitor in the dust. 🙂

Just for kicks, I tried to do a comparison chart between the new iPhone 4G and iPad (see image below) and if you can see that the iPhone 4G and iPad almost have the same specs and of course for the dimension, camera, cellphone capability and some minor differences on the display.

You can also access the HTML version of the comparison chart here.

So if the trend of these apple products are the same, they will eventually release a new iPod Touch that will look exactly like the iPhone 4g, without the cellphone features, then the next generation iPad (2G), just image an oversized iPhone 4G but better!!!

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Last modified: June 8, 2010

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Is the iPhone 4G a glimpse of the next iPad (2G)?

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    However appealing those apple products are, I still prefer other device. IMHO, apple products are over-hyped and overpriced.

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