M002L iPhone Clone: an iFake 3GS

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You can call it ifake, iClone, chine phone or anything that has an “i” in it, but still the M002L iPhone Clone will still be considered as a rip off to the real iPhone 3GS.

I already encountered the Nokia N8, Blackberry Curve 8900, Nokia N95 and the E71 but never did I saw an iPhone clone as authentic as the M002L iPhone Clone. Don’t let your sight fool you, because at first glance you will think that the M002L iPhone Clone is the real iPhone 3GS but like all other clones phone, taking a closer look will give their real identity away.

The M002L iPhone Clone has a 1.3 mp camera and a flash at the back and a front facing camera, a form factor that looks like the authentic iPhone 3GS, a home button and the icons that even Apple engineers will marvel on how the makers of this phones created its OS.

From the user’s manual the phone supports JAVA 2.0 application (.jar), WiFi, dual SIM and an internal TV antenna to watch local television. It also supports multi-language, MP4, MP3, 3.2 in display and a maximum of 320 x 480 pixels, resistive touch screen, Voice recorder, WAP (I doubt if this will work) and handwritting input system. The phone cost about Php 5,000.00 or roughly $110.00.

Below I placed the M002L iPhone beside a real and authenticate iPhone 3GS. So for those who are not after the brand, then this is a good catch.

To see the phone in action, I even took some video while they setup the Wifi settings of the phone. Just take a closer look at the 0:50 – 1:30 mark, you will see how difficult it is using or even navigate the phone.

Thanks to Sir Joel for the phone. 🙂

Last modified: June 30, 2010

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M002L iPhone Clone: an iFake 3GS

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