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Mozilla Firefox the 2nd most used browser in the planet is not gearing to invade the mobile market. According to Net Applications; as of June 2010 Mozilla is being used by 23.81% of net surfer. But the numbers can be higher, depending your source. Mozilla is currently developing a mobile version of the famous browser.

Currently the browser supports the following platforms; Maemo: already available for Nokia N900, soon on Nokia N810. You can download the browser for Nokia N900 by accessing ““.
Android: still on pre-alpha test but a nightly build is available. Mozilla is hoping to release the Android version browser before the end of 2010.
iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS4??): Some issue with the iPhone SDK, let me quote your something from Mozilla’s web site.

The iPhone SDK Agreement requires browsers to use Apple’s own JavaScript engine, or none at all (like Opera Mini, which downloads pre-rendered pages from Opera’s servers and cannot run JavaScript code on the iPhone). Because of this, we have no supported way to distribute Firefox’s rendering and JavaScript engine to iPhone users.

As alternative for the native browser Mozilla create the Firefox Home for iPhone, an iPhone app that uses Firefox Sync purpose for your iPhone.
Desktop: Available for Linux, Windows and Mac version for development purpose.
Windows Mobile: the project has been discontinued indefinitely or until Microsoft releases a native SDK for Windows Phone 7.

Other platforms that are in the works are Palm webOS, Blackberry (Blackberry 6??) and Symbian.

I downloaded the desktop (Windows XP) version and if the UI are consistent to all platform, we should see similar UI of Firefox mobile to any platform. Here are some screen shot of the Fennec “Firefox Mobile for Windows”.

This will be the Firefox Start screen.

When you drag the whole screen to the left the right side panel will appear for the SETTINGS and ADD to Favorites button.

The EDIT/REMOVE bookmark button after clicking on the START (*) button on the right side panel of the browser.

Clicking the SETTINGS icon, you will be directed to Firefox Preference screen.

Looks like the Finnect or Firefox for Mobile supports tab browsing, just like its the full desktop version of Firefox browser.

For a list of recommended hardware requirements for your handhelp device, you can visit:, you can also visit Supported Platforms and System Requirements for more information on how to download the Firefox browser for your mobile device.

Last modified: July 13, 2010

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Codename Fennec the Mozilla’s mobile Firefox

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