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If you want to place an online radio on your blog, like the one above, just click on this link, to get your codes for a different online radio station.

NOTE: This one is from Canada.

Want to add the Radio on your blog, click on the button below then type you the title that you want for the widget then click ADD WIDGET.

Add DanceRadio.Ca Widget

About 97.9 Home Radio is a limited for profit company founded in 2009 with studios in Ottawa. We are focused on showcasing and promoting Canadian DJ / Music Production talent and have an international scope to our programming that includes top artists from around the globe in a variety of electronic genres. We provide a unique synergy of pre-recorded and live to air broadcast shows and offer in house marketing and advertising to our partners. While our main focus is not on generating revenue we do seek to be profitable in order to meet operating expenses and to allow for future growth. is in the process of securing an FM broadcasting solution to better serve our listenership.

NOTE: Links to this radio station is from DanceRadio.Ca


Last modified: July 12, 2010

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