Droid X vs iPhone 4

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So far we’ve been reading a lot of reviews for Motorola’s Droid X and Apple’s new darling the iPhone 4. Like what they all say you can never really compare apples to oranges, you’ll just end up eating both fruits. 🙂

Below is a comparison chart between Apple’s iPhone 4 and Motorola’s Droid X, at least on what is written on paper or on their spec sheet.

After looking at the chart you will be surprise on what you’ll see.

You can also access the HTML version here.

iPhone4 has been available since June 24, 2010 and already sold 1.7 million units, however with the reception issue which can be a turn off to other consumer, while Droid X will be available this July 15, 2010, until then we can only rely on the different reviews that we read online. There are however areas where the Droid X is a clear winner, like in the screen size and the replaceable battery.

But the value of iPhone 4 is not in its hardware but in the software, which more often not included in the specs sheet, like imovie video editor of apple, this is probably the first HD video editor on smartphones, iBooks and not to mention the 200,000 PLUS Apps.

Still the winner here is not Apple nor Motorola but the consumer who will be using these phones. The way you use at take advantage and maximize the features will determine which phone is the winner.

For the full specs of Droid X, you can visit the DROID X By Motorola page and you can visit the Apple’s iPhone 4 page its specs as well.

Last modified: July 14, 2010

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