Free Bumpers from Apple!

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Yes, free bumpers, that’s the solution of Apple to the reception issue of their just released iPhone 4. Yes, remember that not long ago Apple release what probably the best smart phone in the planet and then went back to earth after people reporting a problem with it’s reception when gripped the “wrong” way.

From their last press release last July 16, 2010, Apple announced the free iphone case or the apple branded “bumpers” will be given to all 3 million plus people who bought the iPhone 4 for the past 3 weeks. For those who already bought the bumpers, Apple is also willing to issue a refund or if you want your money back for your iphone you can return the unit as long as it is in good condition.

It looks like that Apple needs to choose the lesser evil or less expensive. If they do a product recall, it will even cost them more than $29 for each of the 3 million sold unit of iPhone 4 and the same if they do an in house modification. So I guess it better the free bumper or face a lot of criticism when then issue a recall.

Still there’s an air or arrogance on the press conf, since they did not admit that the issue is isolated to iphone only but also in other phones. For those who already got their iphone 4, what’s your take on the reception issue?

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Last modified: July 17, 2010

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