JailBreaking your Phone (iPhone) now Legal

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This is a very good news for all iPhones/smarphone users. US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) issued a ruling on the practice of Jailbreaking your phone or smart phone for that matter.

image from apple.com

JailBreak or commonly known as “Open lining” your phone is a technical term that people usually use when they want to remove the lock the most telecoms placed on the telephones that they issue to subscribers. JailBreaking your phone will allow you to use it on other networks. For iPhones and Ipod Touch users, jailbreaking your iphones/ipod touch will allow you not only to use it on other networks aside from AT&T; or Globe (PH) but this will also allow you to install apps that are unlocked (cracked) or those that are not approved by Apple.

This ruling will only allow you to install and unlock your phones but it will still void the warranty of the phone plus this is for US subscribers only, I guess better losing the warranty than being penalize, right?

Source: Yahoo! News

Last modified: July 27, 2010

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