Nexus One discontinued by Google

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July 16, Google announced that they will no longer offer the Google branded phone Nexus One. Ordering the phone will no longer be available online.

However, those who have ordered the phone already will still received their units and support for the phone will continue. The phone will still be sold through partnered channels/telecoms like Vodafone (Europe), KT (Korea), and hopefully in other locations.

So that Google will make sure that developers will have access to the latest Android OS, the NexusOne phone will still be available through a partner for sale to registered developers. If you are a developer then you can register via the Android Market Publisher and even purchased from there.

I guess this only show that there’s no need to compete to all those manufacturers that uses your own OS.

Source: NexusOne | News and Updates and TechyKid

Last modified: July 25, 2010

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