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More than two weeks ago, I tried using the IntenseDebate comment system. Since using the IntenseDebate, I notice a slowness in loading of my site, specially now that I’m here in Riyadh and with the connection that I have, plus it’s hard to keep track of all the comment that I received . So I decided to just revert back to the Blogger Comment system and may just stick to this commenting system. 🙂

I did received a number of comments using the IntenseDebate System and my sincerest apology to the 3 people who commented, to changing comments system and for not responding to them.

Let me share their comments.

Aaron commented on Sony Vaio Z: Premium i5 Notebook – My Tech BLog:

I have purchased the new vpcz116gg and it’s great super fast love it BUT!
Not even 1 month old and after using it at work plugged in all day then shut down and started it up again @ home plugged in; then thought I would unplug it to answer the phone and it died! Battery reports (69% available plugged in, not charging)..what the? Changed all the power setting updated to the lastest bios setting gone through eveything one possibly can to make it charge but no success. So the 69% available is a croc because as soon as I unplug the ac she dies….really has me baffled and my guess is a faulty battery…well maybe?

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Lily commented on – My Tech BLog:

Thanks for sharing this. I know my brother is looking for a better job related to Outsourcing technical support. I’ll show him this post, I think it can be usefull for him.
Thanks agian. Hope I can be a better sister 🙂

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shenbrood commented on Facebook’s “Like” Game – My Tech BLog:

Can I repost this?

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