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Ever wonder what are the words that ends in “ph” or say words that starts with “xy”? You can either Google it or just go to

By definition is a way to search word lists. It’s a crossword puzzle solver, anagram lister, codeword decoder, and a helper for other word games.

You can use it to find words (optionally of a specific length) that start with, end with, or contain certain letters.

I usually google words if I try to look up say a find 10 words that ends or starts with “GY” you will either end up at Yahoo Answers or someone else’s blog that list some of the words that you are looking for but not all. But with it will give you all the words in one go, since it has the ability to do wildcard search. See Example searches below.

Example searches:
check for exact word like “crosswords”: crosswords
three letter word, ending in “r”: –r
six letter word, first two letters “pu”, last letter “e”: pu—e
ten letter word, middle two letters “sw”: —-sw—-
words containing the sequence “sswo” anywhere: *sswo*
words of any length starting with “cross”: cross*
words of any length ending with “zzle”: *zzle
word starts with “a”, ends with “z”: a*z
starts with “b”, “c” somewhere within, ends with “d”: b*c*d
words starting with “ab” that don’t contain an “e” or “o”: ab* ^eo

Here’s a screen shot of a search that I did, which list “almost” all words that end with “ph”. 🙂

Here are also other features of

  • List all words by word length
  • Browse all words in the list
  • Explore all combinations of letters
  • Words with all letters different
  • Letter pairs and double letters
  • Hook Word Lists
  • Probably more.

By the way, did I mention that you can use this the site is not a dictionary but at word game wordfinder? 🙂

Last modified: August 21, 2010

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