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It’s been more than a month since I got this Sony Vaio E Series and I’ve been checking out the Vaio Media Plus. The Vaio Media Plus is a suite that indexed and organize all your digital media files like Photos, Videos and Music what you have stored across your home network.

By Sony’s definition home network consists of a device that sends audio-visual content (server) to devices capable of receiving the content (players). Example of servers are Vaio Computers, Blu-ray recorder, Net Juke and Cybershot Digital Camera, while examples of Players are Vaio Computers, Bravia TV, PS3 and Net Juke.

You can think of the Vaio Media Plus as a Control Center for your digital contents, which gives you all-in-one access to all your files that you may have stored on different Sony products.

Here are some screen shot of the Vaio Media Plus.

If you own and likes to play PSP’s, you will see that the UI is very much similar to that of the PSP, with its horizontal and vertical menus.

Anyway here’s a video about the overview of Sony VAIO Media Plus.

You can also visit: http://vaio-online.sony.com/prod_info/software/mediaplus/index.html for more information.

Last modified: August 30, 2010

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