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I just finished one of those lectures and one interesting topic that they have is about Phobia. Phobia, is a term that describes fear of something. So being a IT Professional and person who is more comfortable in using Technology, look up if there is a term that describes a person who is afraid of Technology or Gadgets or computers.

So I fired up Google and you can check the list above the jump.

Technology – Technophobia
Computers or working on computers- Cyberphobia
Electricity- Electrophobia
Social (fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations)- Social Phobia

I guess if you a reading this blog, you do not have any of the phobias above. I also wonder if a person with Social Phobia is on Facebook, Twitter or even Friendster. I was also looking up the “fear of gadgets or using gadgets” but was not able to get any clear answer, I will either get “Cyberphobia” or “Technophobia”. But if you know the exact term for it, I would appreciate it very much.

If you are interested in knowing other phobias, you can visit “” for a quick list.

Last modified: August 26, 2010

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  1. skaeskae says:

    there are still many phobias. and yeah thanks for sharing a list just becoming curious about this

  2. Teknisyan says:

    Yeah.. there where a lot from the web site that I mentioned on my post but those are the only phobias that I was trying to look up. If you read the other phobias, it may sound trivial but if read or asked someone who met a person with those phobias, it's a really serious thing. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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