Apple removed Facetime feature for iPhone 4 Sold in Middle East!!!

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Lately, Apple have been making people happy with the recent release of their products like iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and shuffle and of course the iPhone 4. But looks like alot of people won’t be happy with the latest move of Apple.

This is a news that most of us and even Telcos are not expecting, apparently phones (iPhone 4) shipped to Middle East and North Africa does not have the Facetime feature. Facetime is a feature of iPhone 4 and the latest model of iPod Touch which allows video call via WiFi, was either disabled or removed by Apple without consulting the Telcos in the said regions.

So far no official word have been release by Apple as to why they removed the Facetime feature. But if you remember the issue between RIM (Blackberry) and the Saudi Arabia government that almost caused the banning of BlackBerry in Saudi Arabia. I think Apple is avoiding such conflict that could surely delay the launch of the iPhone 4. I guess only Steve can answer all our questions. 🙂

I sure hope Apple would release a news for why they made such move and on how to reinstate Facetime if its allowed in the region. Hopefully on the next shipment of iPhone 4, the Facetime will be available. As of this time, if you visit the iPhone 4 page of any Middle East Country, you will see that Facetime is not listed as one of it’s features. You don’t believe me? Click on the image below for the full screen shot.

Source: Engadget | The Next Web Middle East

Last modified: September 27, 2010

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