Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta Now Available!!!

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Last September 15, software giant Microsoft release the public beta IE 9.0 the latest version of their internet browser. The IE 9.0 is only available for Vista and Windows 7 users only both the 32 and 64 bit edition.

IE 90

The browser have two flavors the Windows Desktop and the Windows Server version. The Desktop is available different languages like Arabic, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Catalan, Hindi, Indonesian and more. While the Windows Server version is only available in 4 languages simplified Chinese, English, Hebrew and Slovenian.

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Microsoft hope to reclaim the market that was eaten away by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and other browser. Some interesting fact, according to Net Application Internet Explorer still commands 60.4%, while Firefox is 22.93%, Chrome at 7.52% and Safari at 5.16% and the rest are fighting on what’s left.

Some of the enhancement made by Microsoft to the new IE 9.0 are:
– New and compact User Interface
– Pinned sites features like pinning a software to your Windows Taskbar.
– New Download Manager where you are notified when the file that you are download contains Malware, you can also Pause, Continue and Restart a download (sounds familiar?!)
– Enhanced tabs and new Tab page (another familiar feature??)
– Directly Search in the Address bar
– Support for HTML5 and CSS
– improved JavaScript engine
– Other features includes Notification bar, Add-On Performance Advisor and Hardware Acceleration where the browser can tap into the GPU processing power for graphics demanding sites.

With the new and enhanced features mentioned above, is it enough for you to switch back to IE or will you be staying to the current browser that you have now? I for once will stick to what I have, I will be testing the IE 9.0 and you’ll know what my thoughts are on the new IE 9.0. Have something to share just type in your comments, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

Btw, if you’re interested in testing the IE 9.0, click here.

Last modified: September 16, 2010

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