iPhone 4 missing FaceTime

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If you’re in KSA or anywhere in Middle East or North Africa and have plans to buy the new iPhone 4, I would recommend that you put that plan on hold if your reason in buying the iPhone is for the FaceTime feature.

Yes, people who will be buying their iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia or those sold in the Middle East and North African region will not have the Facetime feature in their iPhone units. Telcos where caught by surprise by this move of Apple.

A report from The Next Web Middle East and The National said that FaceTime feature will not be installed or enabled on iPhone 4 sold in the Middle East and North African Region. The move was made by Apply without consulting their official carriers in the region. Prior to this, there have been reports as well the FaceTime feature was removed from the list of feature from the Apple’s Iphone 4 Product page for Middle East and North African countries.

I did checked the “http://www.apple.com/sa/iphone/features/” which is the iPhone 4 Product page for Saudi Arabia and Facetime is not listed as one of its feature. Since this was a move taken by Apple alone, its is expected that they will provide a solution on how to enable or reinstall the Facetime feature for units that have been sold and does not have the Facetime feature. Unless of course Governments in Middle East and North African Region, forbid them to enable the feature. 🙂

It’s feels like the RIM (BlackBerry) and Saudi Arabia issue! I guess that’s what Apple is trying to avoid, which can delay the launch of their products here. For me personally, if the iPhone 4 that I’m buying does not have all the feature then why not buy it somewhere else. In the Philippines perhaps?:)

Last modified: September 27, 2010