Trying out the PS Move at Sony World Granada Mall

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We went to Sony World Showroom in Granada Mall here in Riyadh, to checkout the PS3 Move controller. The PS3 Move is Sony’s answer to Nintendo Wiimote and Microsoft’s Kinect. PlayStation MOVE or PS Move for short, is a motion controller that replicates your movement in the screen.

The Sony World Showroom currently offers the PS Move Starter Pack, that includes PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye and a BD Disc Game Sampler.

PS Move Motion Controller PS Move Motion Controller

The PlayStation Move motion controller that looks like a microphone but the has a balloon like bulb that you see at the top of the controller.

PlayStation Eye Camera

While the PlayStation Eye Camera is the eyes and ears of your play station, since the Playstation eye can capture a high-quality videos and audio and Disc sampler featuring nine dynamic demos. In the disc demo, you can play the demo games of TV Superstars, Sports Champions and Beat Sketcher.

At Sony World Showroom, the PS3 is connected to a 52″ Bravia LCD TV which makes the game demo more tempting to try specially to kids. I let my 6 year old son to tryout the PS Move, since he’s one of the game expert in the family, the other one is me. 🙂

The game that’s on the screen is the Disc Golf one of the games included in the Sports Champion, Playstation 3 version of Wii Sports. At first try you may not be able to throw the disc but after a couple of throw you should be able to get the concept of the game. If your used to the WiiMote, then it may take some time in getting use to the PS3 Move, since it’s has 7 buttons that you need to familiarize yourself and not like the WiiMote which on has different sets of buttons and controls.

Disc Golf1

The game was fun and I’m sure the other games included in the Sports Champion disc. So if you own a PS3 and want a different kind of game that just the usual game that you control using controllers w/ rumbles, then PS Move will surely fit the bill.

By the way, you can get the PS Move Starter Pack for only SR 269.00 (Saudi Riyals) or that’s just Php 3,160.00 (Philippine Pesos) cheaper than getting different game console. 🙂

Last modified: September 28, 2010

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