No Facetime for the New iPod Touch Sold in Middel East?

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Last month, buyers and Telecoms got the surprise of their life when they found out that the iPhone 4 being shipped to the Middle East and North African region lacks the facetime feature.

Looks like alot of people will still be disappointed when they get their new iPod touch and found out that it doesn’t have the Facetime feature as well.

Well this is not surprising since Apple already gave us a clue, when they shipped the iPhone 4 without the Facetime feature. Proof of this is that the iPod Touch page for Apple Saudi Arabia does not list FaceTime as one of it’s key feature unlike the iPod Touch page in US.

Features listed on the Apple Saudi Arabia site are Retina Display, HD Video Recording/Editing, Game Center, Music and Video etc. while on the US site is list Facetime as the first feature.

Here’s a comparison of both the US and Saudi Arabian site. (Apple US site is the one on the left and the one that has the blue shading is the Apple Saudi Arabia)

iPod Touch
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At least for now, we know that iPod Touch will not have the facetime. If that ever happens, I’ll just have to buy my iPod touch somewhere!? In the Philippines perhaps!?

Last modified: October 21, 2010

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