Panasonic Lumix Phone with 13-MP CMOS Sensor

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When you hear the word name Lumix and a camera always come to mind (right?), then you may want to change that perception. Because Panasonic officially announced the Lumix phone, yes a phone named after a camera. The Lumix phone was officially announced to the public at the CEATEC JAPAN 2010. CEATEC is the Japan equivalent of Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

It appears that Panasonic have been very secretive about the development and production of the Lumix phone, evidence of this is that the Lumix phone is locked behind plexiglass to stop people of grabbing and reaching for the phone at the NTT DoCoMo’s CEATEC booth. While information that’s being leaked are carefully controlled and all we know about the Lumix Phone is that it is a slide-up model where the alphanumeric keyboard is hidden behind the 3.3-inch touch screen, able to capture image with a maximum resolution of 1,536 Ă— 2,048 pixels, supports WiFi and 3G connection, DLNA Certified and behind all that camera casing is a heart of a lumix camera that uses a 13-MP CMOS Sensor.

Plus the information they release on the Lumix phone website ( appears to have been created using images, so that web site translator like Yahoo or Google cannot translate it. I manage to take a few screen shot of the web site containing Sample images taken using the Lumix Phone camera, diagram of the Lumix phone, touch screen features and sample images of the Lumix phone itself.

Btw, I like the fact that it can take high quality image, connect to the web (WiFi/3G) and make voice call, it make me believe the someone at Panasonic actually designed a point-and-shoot camera with cellphone features. 🙂

Source: | Lumix Phone website |engadget

Last modified: October 5, 2010

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