Gran Turismo 5 Trailer: Just like the real thing!

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I never thought that there’s a Gran Turismo 5 already. I been playing the first 3 games of Gran Turismo until I shift to NFSU, but from the looks of the games it looks like I’ll be playing to Gran Turismo 5 again.

Just checkout the Gran Turismo 5 Trailer as posted by IGN. Graphics game physics are true to life, as well as the race tracks and game environment. With more than 1,000 cars to choose from, the game will surely bring out that racer in you and did I mention that cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, 458 Italia Ferrari, Lexus LFA supercar, Mercedes-Benz McLaren, Tesla Roadster, the Jaguar XJ13 race car prototype, as well as the Ferrari 330 P4 and the Ford GT40 Mark IV are all playable cars in the Gran Turismo 5?

Btw way you can watch the video after the jump.

5 years in the making, so it is only normal that expectations for the Gran Turismo 5 to be high and from the looks of things Gran Turismo 5 exceeded the expectations. 🙂

Last modified: December 18, 2010

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