How would you like the iPad 2?

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Hours from now Apple will be announcing the new iPad if not the new iPhone 5. There have been a lot of speculation on the supposedly specs of the new iPad 2. Some of those rumored Ipad 2 that where leaked out are:

  • From 9to5mac, iPad 2 will come in two colors namely white and black.
  • iPad 2 will be lighter and thinner by Wall Street Journal
  • iLounge said that iPad 2 will have dual camera.
  • Then there’s a much improved and larger speaker system by Gizmodo.

Another rumor that’s been going around is that Apple will release a 7″ tablet but this is unlikely since Jobs already declared that 7″ tablets are DOA (Dead-On-Arrival).

Of course there are other rumors going around on what the new iPad 2 will have and will look like. If you were Steve, how would you like the iPad 2? What are the software/hardware will you be improving?

I surely welcome all the rumored enhancement to the iPad 2 except for the dual camera, just one HD camera will do, I don’t see any reason why anyone would try to use a tablet as an oversize camera. Aside for the other rumored improvement, what I like to see in the new iPad 2 are;

  • Improved HD display or the retina display from the iPhone 4 to the iPad
  • Powerful processors, a quad-core processor perhaps
  • Expandable storage via SD card reader
  • High speed connectivity like 4G
  • Enterprise support
  • True Multi-tasking
  • Better battery life
  • More quality games and apps

Whatever the new specs of the next iPad, I bet this will change everything again!

And if Apple decides to stream the event later, you can surely catch the live stream at Apple Events page.

Last modified: March 2, 2011

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