Ipad 2 may come earlier than expected at least in APAC!

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It looks like the availability of the 2nd Gen iPad or the iPad 2 will come earlier than expected, the original iPad was released 8 months after the original iPad was announced by Apple last April 2010.

As announced by Apple, the Apple iPad 2 will be available internationally on March 25, 2011 to 26 countries and Australia, New Zealand and Japan are the only countries listed in the Asia Pacific region.

But if you visit http://www.apple.com/asia/ipad or any other Asia Pacific Country like S. Korea, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan, are all displaying the iPad 2 on their home screen, a sure sign that it will arrive either on March 25 or probably early next month.

Of course I told Apple to Notify me once it is available.

Last modified: March 7, 2011

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