What to do when your download gets interrupted on Firefox 4.0?

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It’s frustrating that you’ve been downloading a 1.3 GB movie.mp4 file for almost an hour and you are already 95% complete, then suddenly you connection gave up on you and you get that message that I posted above. If you like to know how to continue the download to the point where it got interrupted, you can follow the steps after the break.

Here’s the steps to continue your download to the point where it got interrupted.
1. When the download process is interrupted, a movie.mp4.part will be created.
2. Movie that movie.mp4.part to a separate location, then create a duplate of that file, so you will now have movie.mp4.part and movie.mp4 – Copy.part.
3. Just rename the movie.mp4, removing the copy.part or restoring the file to its original format.
4. Then go back to the download page and re-download the movie.mp4, just let the file download and monitor the folder where you saved the movie.mp4, once you see both the movie.mp4.part and movie.mp4 is created PAUSE the download from the DOWNLOADS screen of Firefox 4.0.

5. After pausing the download, move the old movie.mp4.part and movie.mp4 file and replace the new movie.mp4.part and movie.mp4 that was created on step 4.
6. Then just continue the current download and it will pickup where your download was interrupted.

Last modified: March 27, 2011

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What to do when your download gets interrupted on Firefox 4.0?

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