Apple iPad 2 arriving in the Philippines on April 29, 2011?

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It looks like the iPad 2 will arrive in Philippine shores earlier than expected and that’s according to a wallpost by PowerMac Center, a Apple Premium Reseller and an Apple Authorized Service Provider in the Philippines.

The wallpost said that Apple iPad 2 will be release in the Philippines on Friday (April 29, 2011) and Yugtech has posted the (estimated) retail price for each model of iPad 2.

iPad 2 Prices (estimated)
16GB WiFi – Php23,990
32GB WiFi – Php28,990
64GB WiFi – Php33,990

16GB 3G+WiFi – Php30,990
32GB 3G+WiFi – Php35,990
64GB 3G+WiFi – Php40,990

However another report have been circulating that Apple will issue a PR announcing the release of Apple iPad 2 in 13 more Asian Countries including Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and more, and Philippines may not be included in these 13 countries, since the original ipad was release just last December 2010. I guess we can never tell until we see those magical tablets on display on Friday (April 29) or when Apple release that PR, hopefully soon!

Source: Power Mac Center | Yugatech

Last modified: April 25, 2011

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Apple iPad 2 arriving in the Philippines on April 29, 2011?

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