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Now I’m back in the Philippines after 4 days in Hong Kong. Since we’ll only be staying here in for a month, so we ask a few relatives and friends if they have a free Smart Bro or Globe Tattoo Dongle that we can borrow. So after two weeks of being offline, here we are connected using SmartBro and so far the connection is pretty decent.

So I tried to check and see how it compares to the connection that I have back in Riyadh. You can check the comparison after the jump.

Mobily’s Broadband@home



via SpeedTest.Net


Don’t get me wrong for comparing my connection in K.S.A. and the SmartBro connection that I got here. I’m sure Smart has faster connection that subscribers can avail, since the one that was lent to us is the SmartBro Prepaid Kit.

[Thanks to Loraine for the Dongle]

Last modified: April 15, 2011

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