2 Flavors of iPad 2 in K.S.A.

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Ok, this is still an unconfirmed news but if you’ve been looking or checking for the prices of iPad 2 on different Apple Retailer, you will notice that there are two price set for the ipad 2, one is the much cheaper the starts at SR 2099 for the 16 GB wifi only model and much expensive (anywhere from SR 2999 to SR3500) ipad 2 but the same 16 GB WiFi only model.

So I did some research and according to one Apple reseller the much cheaper iPad 2 is the Middle East edition where Facetime is not installed or included and the much expensive ipad 2 is either the European or US edition where Facetime is included.

I did reserve a Wifi-Only White (cheaper) iPad 2 16-GB on one Apple Reseller at Panorama Mall. We can confirm if Facetime is installed or not on the cheaper iPad 2, once I got my ipad 2.

You can be sure that I’ll post it here, so stay tune!

Last modified: May 16, 2011

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2 Flavors of iPad 2 in K.S.A.

  1. Usually the seller will tell you the version if it is with facetime or none..

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