Best Place to buy gadgets in K.S.A?

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If I want to checkout the latest computers, gadgets and smartphones, I usually checkout the popular CE stores in Malls here in Riyadh like Extras, Best, Jarir and Abdulwahed which sells a wide variety of appliances, computer and gadgets.

If I like to checkout some Apple Products, I usually visit iTechia, iZone and Global.stores which are all Apple (Premium) Resellers. I also like going to Batha, which is considered as the Divisoria of Riyadh, lots of store and there’s one mall there that is similar to Vira Mall.

How about you, where/what is your favorite Tech/Gadget stores here in K.S.A. particularly in Riyadh? Just drop in your answer in the comment box.

Last modified: May 20, 2011

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Best Place to buy gadgets in K.S.A?

  1. Kaeden says:

    That’s more than snesilbe! That’s a great post!

  2. tekdad says:

    hi. i’m looking to buy a macbook (13″) where’d you recommend i go?

    you have to excuse me i get lost easily so i’d appreciate a map.

    many thanks!

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