Middle East Edition iPad 2 does not have Facetime!!!

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It’s confirmed there are indeed two editions of iPad 2 being sold here in K.S.A. particularly in Riyadh; the European and Middle East edition. The Middle East edition being the cheaper one and European edition tend to be SR500 to Sr1000 more expensize and there was even one store that is SR1,500 more expensive than the Middle East edition.

So what’s the difference? The difference between the two is that the European Edition have Facetime installed in them while the Middle East does not. I got my ipad 2 from Global.Store at Panorama mall and since Facetime will be useless to me, I just grad the Middle East Edition which is just SR 2099. If you plan to get your iPad 2 this weekend, here’s the price matrix that I got from Global.Store, from the way they wrote the updated price, you can expect that this price will still change.

Just like iPhone 4 missing Facetime, it looks like this is also true with iPad 2 though you can still buy the European edition which have the Facetime. Plus don’t be surprise if you see two different price for same model of iPad 2. If you already bought iPad 2 and found out that Facetime is not available, we can always hope that Steve Jobs will enable it, on the upcoming iOS updates. iOS 5.0 perhaps.

Last modified: May 20, 2011

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Middle East Edition iPad 2 does not have Facetime!!!

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