Proof Apple Smartcover is not useless!!

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Just bought an iPad 2? You should get a Smartcover for your ipad 2, even though it may not look like it, a smart cover can be the life or death of your ipad 2. I did get a Smart Cover even though at first I was hesitant but after seeing this video, I know someday it’ll help and save my ipad.

Don’t believe me, just watch this (waist high) drop test between two iPad 2; one Ipad is as bare as a baby’s back and the other one has a Smartcover. If you want to know what happened, just watch the gut wrenching video after the break.

The iPad Smart Cover is $39.00 for the Polyurethane and $69.00 for the leather and if you’re from Riyadh, the price varies for store to store but I got my from Jarir Bookstore for Sr179.00.

Source: ElectronicsBreak

Last modified: May 25, 2011

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Proof Apple Smartcover is not useless!!

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