VHS and Casette Tapes: Are you still using them?

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Nowadays the dominant storage media for movies and audio are CD, DVD, BD, flash drive, HDD and SD/microSD cards, but there was a time when VHS, betamax and cassette tapes where the “only” media for movies and audio media.

So when I saw that there stores that are still selling blank VHS and Cassette tapes, I thought “Are there still people using VHS and Cassette Tapes?” I know there are stores back in the Philippines that sells blank VHS and cassette tapes but you usually need to ask the sales person if they still have those in stock, but the one that I saw are stored in the top 2 shelves of the store and at the bottom are the blank CDs and DVDs.

The last time I bought or used a cassette tape is when I bought the Eraserheads studio album the “Sticker Happy (1997)” and I used VHS tapes for the 1st birthday of my eldest son which was 7 years ago. So are you still watching movies on VHS tapes or listening to your old cassette collection?

Last modified: May 5, 2011

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