Apple to sell Unlocked (GSM) iPhone 4

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It appears that the Apple Store will now start selling unlock (GSM only) version of iPhone 4. This could be Apple’s answer to increasing competition on the smartphone market or must be the expiration of the AT&T contract. We can never know for sure.

At this time only 2 models are currently being offered the 16 GB for $649.00 and 32 GB for $749.00, available in both black and white colors. So that’s roughly Sr 2434 for the 16GB and SR 2809 for the 32 GB when converted to Saudi Riyals, almost the same price of Jarir but much lower than Extra, but I don’t know how this will impact the sales of iPhone in the Middle East, since there are already stores here that sells unlocked iPhone 4.

Source: Yugatech

Last modified: June 15, 2011

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