Women of Saudi to Subaru: Please stop selling cars in K.S.A.

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Internet is a great marketing tool, a communication tool and heck it can also be a tool to topple government, just ask former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. It looks like a Saudi Women’s rights activists is using the Internet to get some support for their (online) petition to remove the driving ban for women in Saudi Arabia. So far the only country (K.S.A.) I know that prohibits women (local and foreign) from driving.

The online petition was created and posted on Change.org is a free internet petition host which caters to a social-progressive audience. The petition is addressed to Subaru Chairman of the Board, President and CEO to stop selling Subaru cars in the Middle East until Saudi Government remove or allow women to drive in the country.

The petition itself is for a very noble cause, but I’m not sure if stopping the selling of one brand of car in the Arab country is more than enough for the government to change it’s mind, since there are still other brand of cars being sold here. One that I notice that is selling really well are Hyundai and Toyota. So it may be a matter for time before we see similar petition for those companies.

If you like to support them, just head on the source link to read and sign the petition.

Source: Change.org

Last modified: June 24, 2011

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