10 million Google+ user in just 2 weeks!

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After the recent earning call, Larry Page said that the current count for Google+ user is more than 10 million users in just 2 weeks of existence and people in G+ are sharing 10 billion items per day. That’s some serious stats considering the last 2 attempt of Google (wave and buzz) where not that successful. The 10 million user is just 1.3% of the 750 million users of Facebook.

Just to compare it with Facebook, Facebook reached it’s 10 millionth user somewhere at the last quarter of 2006, which was more than 2 years since Facebook was launched. Facebook was using a invitation only model the same as with Google+. What amazing is that G+ user are sharing 10 billion items per day, though we don’t have the data on how many items being shared back when Facebook reached it’s 10 millionth user. This also means those 10 million G+ users are actively using, sharing, socializing on Google Plus and G+ users openly say that the feature that they like on G+ is the Circles and Hangout, which I personally like them as well.

So far looks like Google+ is a runaway hit for Google but to answer if it can win against Facebook, that’s another matter that only time can answer.

For more statistics on Google Plus, you can the click source link or click here. You can also visit Facebook’s Timeline for more Facebook stats.

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Last modified: July 15, 2011

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10 million Google+ user in just 2 weeks!

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