“Copied” Apple Stores in China

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I got hand it to our Chinese friends, we all know that they’re famous when it comes to knock-off products like clothes, shoes, bags, software and gadgets. But this time they copied the whole store, when I say whole I mean “EVERYTHING!”.

From the store concept, interior design, posters, banners, to the showroom where there are mac products on display like iPads, iPhone, Macbook, tables, chairs, the Apple product holders. Even the uniforms of employees and name tags, they (employees) even think that they are working for Apple and I won’t be surprise if visitors will also think of the same thing, that they are in an “Official Apple Store”.

It’s clear that the store owner broke a number of law concerning trademark, patent and copyright, which is something Apple is very protective. I’m sure Steve Jobs will not be happy about this. For more pictures and information of that unofficial Apple store, just lcick on the source link below.

Source: 9to5mac

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Last modified: July 21, 2011

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“Copied” Apple Stores in China

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