Facebook announcing 3 new Chat features including Video Chat powered by Skype

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Live at Facebook office in Palo Alto, currently being announced 3 new features on Facebook; Facebook Video chat powered by Skype, enchanced Facebook chat, new Facebook Group chat. By name alone they are self-explanatory and these feature will rolled-out today. As of this posting, the feature is not yet active.

Mark said that this (open computer) project has been developed for more than a year now and it may have been a coincidence that Facebook is rolling out these new features a week after Google unveil the Google+ project that features Hangout; a browser base video chat which can accommodate more than 1 video chat and will allow you to view the same YouTube video at the same time.

They are currently in the Q & A portion, if you want to catch the live announcement, then just click here. The video streaming is powered by livestream.com.

Last modified: July 6, 2011