G.co: Official URL Shortener for Google Products

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In the ever growing number of URL shortener, Google will launch the G.co url shortner for Google Products, which is separate from the public URL shortener at goo.gl.

Google said on G.co page.

You’ve arrived at this page because you typed or linked to “g.co”, Google’s official URL shortcut just for Google websites.

Whenever you see a short “g.co” link, you can trust that it will always take you to a Google product or service.

We also have a public URL shortener at goo.gl. You can use this to shorten up URLs across the web.

Other another popular .co URL Shortener is the t.co the official URL shortener of Twitter. My official URL shortener is the pnoy.me; still a work in progress but you can already use it. 🙂

Last modified: July 18, 2011

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