Gmail launches Multiple Inboxes

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I just notice the tabbed inbox that I have on my Gmail account. So did a little research and found that google recently launched a new multiple inbox feature on Google that will surely help those to people who are having a hardtime in managing their emails.

You will have 4 types of inboxes; Classic , Priority Inbox. Classic inbox is the gmail inbox that we’ve learned to love and hate, while Important First, Unread First and Starred First inbox are all self-explanatory, Priority Inbox on the other hand will list your email that is important, unread and starred.

The multiple inbox is currently in beta and if you want to try it out, you can enable the “Multiple Inboxes” via the Labs tab under Mail Settings. If you can remember that Google just recently launched a new Gmail themes that resemble the new Blogger UI.

Comments are welcome for those who are already using Gmail’s Multiple Inboxes.

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Last modified: July 19, 2011

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Gmail launches Multiple Inboxes

  1. Jeremy says:

    What you’re describing isn’t actually ‘Multiple Inboxes’ as found in Gmail Labs, it’s the multiple view options Google is presenting for the standard inbox – effectively, they’re allowing you to set Priority Inbox as your main inbox, instead of having it as an additional one.

    Once you’ve decided which view you prefer (if there’s one you use most), just click the X at the right of the view selector bar. You can switch between views by hovering over the inbox link on the left of Gmail and selecting the relevant view from the dropdown menu that appears.

    Multiple inboxes in Gmail Labs is something different – it allows you to have multiple boxes on your classic inbox (in the same way that priority inbox has multiple boxes, one for important & unread, one for starred, one for everything else). You can set up to 5 different boxes, the contents of each defined by a different search term (setup is in the settings menu, under Multiple Inboxes), and you can put the additional boxes above, below or to the side of the standard inbox.

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