Google+ vs Facebook slapfest GIFs!

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No sure if these where shared already on Facebook but these GIFs are making rounds in Google+. First two women with the logo of Google+ and Facebook pasted on their face, I’m really not familiar to what show this was taken from but that flipping “f” sells it.

Then the second GIF, I first saw this on TechCrunch, is a scene from HBO series “Game of Thrones” where Google is represented by the dwarf and facebook is of course represented by the young white-haired soon-to-king and the GIF was created by graphic designer Ala’a Assamawy.

I’m not entirely sure why Google was presented by the dwarf, I guess Google is no giant when it comes to Social Media and if you watch both GIF long enough, makes feel sorry for Facebook!

Last modified: July 11, 2011

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