iTunes’ Automatic Downloads: Is this the start of Apple’s iCloud era?

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Just got an update from iTunes and once I connected my iPad to iTunes, the screen above appeared. It looks like Apple is slowly but surely rolling-out the iCloud service to all iOS device user/iTunes. If you turn on Automatic Downloads, you’ll see in the iTunes Preference screen (image below) and under the STORE icon there will be two new options that you need to check (Apps and Books) and once you checked it, Itunes will automatically download new purchases made on other devices using your iTunes Account; which sound like what Steve Jobs announced last June at the annual WWDC.

I guess, Apple does not want to be overwhelm by the amount of data that will be uploaded, stored and passing thru Apple’s data center, once they turn on the switch for the iCloud service to all iOS device owner and considering the number of people who are now using iPods, Ipads and iPhones the amount of data will be humongous . We may still see more similar updates on iTunes and even iOS, since we are almost near “fall” when  iCloud and iOS 5 are officially launch. What do you think?

Last modified: July 30, 2011

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