Mark Zuckerberg most followed in Google+

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That proves it, Mark Zuckerberg is the king of Social Sites. MySpace and Friendster were left in the dust by Mark’s creation; Facebook the top dog of all social media sites. Now Mark Zuckerberg is leaving his Mark as the most follower Google Plus user in the recently announced by invitation only social media site of Google. According to Social Statistics, Mark has 21,213 follwers, while Google’s founders Larry Page in 2nd place and Sergey Brin Googles 3rd place, each have 14,798 and 11,629 followers respectively.

If you must ask, you can checkout the top 10 most followers Google+ users after the break.

As of this posting, Mark Zuckerberg has 29543 and will probably still grow as Google+ begins to slowly grow.

Last modified: July 5, 2011

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Mark Zuckerberg most followed in Google+

  1. Christian Esperar says:

    This prove that Mark is the most influential people in the world of computing. I wonder what happen if Bill Gates also join in this social networking site. I think Google + will become social networking site for geeks.

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