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It’s been 5 days since Facebook announced the Facebook for EveryPhone app for java enabled phones and I’ve been trying for 5 days to install the darn app on my “old” Samsung Corby Pro, I keep getting the “DNS error” when I try to visit “d.facebook.com/install” on my phone browser. So now I finally had the time to work an alternative way to install the java on my phone. If cannot install the java app on your phone, then you can try these instead.

1. Download the install from any of the reputable download sites like Softpedia or you can just click here, then save the jar file to your computer desktop or a folder where you can easily locate it.
2. After downloading the file, you can use either the bluetooth or the data cable of your phone to transfer the facebook.jar file to your phones memory or memory card. Just make sure you remember where you pasted the file.
3. Using your phone, locate the file facebook.jar then run the file by double tapping on it (this is what I did) or depending on the type of phone that you have. If you received a message “CONTENT NOT SIGNED” or something to that effect. Just keep tap or click CONTINUE.
4. The installation will take you less than 10 seconds. After the installation you will have the option to immediately run the app or go back to the previous screen.

If you like to know more about the Facebook for EveryPhone App, click here.

Last modified: July 18, 2011

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